Introducing Eeva: the smartest and easiest way to do laundry!

Eeva is the 2-in-1 laundry solution that washes and dries your clothes in one go, so you never have to switch loads again! 

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The Problem

Doing laundry is vital for aesthetics and hygiene, but can be inconvenient and a waste of valuable time.

The Future Of Laundry Is Here 4 easy steps


Eeva is portable and easily fits wherever doing laundry is most convenient for you.


Simply fill up the removable water canister, plug into an electrical outlet, and Eeva is ready to do its thing! No water connection needed.

Wash & Dry

Using autonomous cycle technology, Eeva first washes and then dries your clothes. No need to switch loads!


Take out your clean clothes, and you’re all set!

Easier Than Ever

Wasting time, effort, energy and letting dirty clothes pile up in a hamper are no longer a thing when it comes to laundry – Eeva replaces your laundry hamper, so you’ll never have dirty clothes! It does everything for you!

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Play your part in a tangible way by knowing you’re protecting the planet with each load!
Our app allows you to track your impact and savings in real-time.

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